Then and Now

Like a blast from the past, we often see that fashion cycles over the decades. It wasn’t much more than a few years ago that we may have mocked the 80’s costumes, using them as a guideline for hosting theme parties and poking fun at years gone by. However, we may want to reconsider our stance on those same 80’s costumes because they may well have more in common with modern yoga wear than we thought. 

Back in the day, famous fitness experts were well-known for their bold fashion statements when it came to working out. They paved the way for athleisure to become a distinct category in many ways, by placing such an emphasis on considering your outward appearance even for day-to-day activities such as working out. 

Those at the forefront of fashion at the time were often found in high-waisted leotards of the brightest neon hues. They offset their bright leotards with spandex leggings and matching leg warmers. The brighter the outfit was, the more likely it was to be looked upon with envy. For the women, these 80’s costumes could never have been complete without an equally bright headband and the voluminous hair that was common to the era.

We’re often tempted to think we’ve made great strides when it comes to modern day fashion, but have we really?

Sure, we’ve opted for more neutral palettes and subtle shades in our workout apparel compared to the highlighter yellows and lime greens associated with the eighties. Even our brightest shades aren’t quite the fluorescent hues that were once donned with glee. However, the overall style of workout gear and athleisure apparel has remained very much the same.

Modern-day yogis and yoginis still opt for healthy doses of spandex in many of the outfit choices. Workout leggings are typically made to hug the curves and body shapes of all types, whether they opt for black leggings, compression pants, or simply a comfortable pair of cotton yoga pants.

They’ve traded high-waist leotards in favor of high waist capris and leggings, still finding ways to tuck in stubborn tummies and appear slimmer. Instead of placing so much emphasis on their figures, many yogis prefer to offset the spandex in their lower half with a looser and less form-fitting top. Even a crop top has a more fluid appearance to avoid placing undue emphasis on trouble areas of the body.

The hairstyles of the modern-day yogi have certainly changed over the years as well. Instead of the mass amounts of hairspray required to hold a Farrah Fawcett inspired hairdo in place, yogis are now opting for simpler styles with sleek ponytails and braids. Loose hair ribbons and braids are incorporated beautifully into yoga outfits for women, allowing them to spend less time keeping hair out of their eyes and more time moving through the poses.

While we may have come a long way since the eighties, yoga fashion hasn’t changed much throughout the years. Colors and the festiveness of a given outfit are a lot subtler but the overall characteristics are still very much the same.

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