The 9 Levels of Buddhist Meditation

Placing or Setting the Mind

Setting the mind means being aware of a thought or idea and being able to see it from a distance.

We can pay attention, focus, or set the mind. If you turn your head because a glass bro

Then and Now

Like a blast from the past, we often see that fashion cycles over the decades. It wasn’t much more than a few years ago that we may have mocked the 80’s costumes, using them as a guideline for hosting theme parties and poking fun at years gone by.

Yoga for Pain

Is yoga really a cure for pain? What kind of yoga teacher should you visit for pain management? What style of yoga would be best if you are constantly feeling pain? In which cases would yoga not be advisable for students in severe p

Yoga is a meditation practice, but have you ever thought if it can be applied to your career? While most people assume that they know yoga, they do not really comprehend the potential that it has. Studies have proved that not only does yoga g